Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Triumvirate Of Tyranny Returning

Clad in his velvet shackles and escorted by figure skating luminaries, Robert "glides with wolves" Gerkin, John "the crystalline flyer" McSimmons, and the fabulous bladed power-house himself, Ian Lucretzo; Cory made a layover in Sin City for a throw of the dice. Finding himself again in over his head, Cory bet the family farm and a barista's honor on the craps table in an attempt to break even. I'm sure Cory thought he was an expert at craps, given his propensity for head calls, but this game was definitely different. Fortune smiled on young Mr. Chase and he found himself throwing sevens (7's) and elevens (11's) for the better part of an hour. Not quite enough for gas money (or Mr. Lucretzo's bar tab), but enough to keep the pit boss from breaking his legs. Congratulations Cory, and keep shuffling east; just aim for the white, we've got plenty of that!

1 comment:

Matt said...

Did you mean Richard Simmons...Gene Simmons...?

Warning: The good Dr. Manning explains, "why your Long Legged Mack Daddy doesn't taste quite right!"