Wednesday, January 25, 2012

stock and value

Being a merchant ain't all peaches and cream. Every so often I get confusing and somewhat threatening letters from various government offices, I keep long hours, I earn very little money, and a lot of the nicer things I and my family have are from bartering. Merchants everywhere know of what I speak, and can attest that these are simply the realities of being a small businessman (except maybe those aforementioned letters). So why do this?
As I closed my shop tonight Charlie was atop the counter drawing pictures for me the same way he has done since he was two (2) years old, the drawer jived, payroll was complete, and I was enveloped in the rich fragrance of roasted coffee. I am afforded the opportunity to connect with cool people over a simple culinary experience that still fascinates me . I love my job. What is that worth and how many others can say the same?

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