Thursday, June 7, 2012

new stuff

I am nothing if not sporadic in my reaching out to you through the blog, and so another communicae. Mellow coffee drinkers rejoice, Nicaragua Cafe Diego Chavarria is back! The already initiated probably remember this one from last year. As mentioned, Cafe Diego is mellow (think Brazil), with more of an acidic sweetness in the finish that fades quickly. An easy drinking coffee that can seem tame next to our ever-revolving line-up of  fruity, highly acidic, and more demanding coffees that I have a soft spot for.

Also new, VIDEOS! They killed the radio star indeed, and Shepherd University's Charles House is Jack the Ripper with a camera. The first viewing blew me away; I mean, how romantic can making coffee be? With Charles' steady hand he made the pouring of water look like something off of Cinemax after 10pm. This is to say, I love his work, and can't wait for him to finish. The first two videos, "syphon-pot" and "latte" are linked at the top of this page under the "video" tab.

 Lastly, our barista Kristi, finished her week at Camp-Pull-A-Shot hosted by the Barista Guild of America. She finished her Level 1 training while there, and hopefully picked up some new information that will help us serve you better. Involvement in the Barista Guild is a commitment we make to staying current on coffee trends and practices, it is also an investment we make in our staff so that we remain the best coffee bar no matter where hang the shingle.

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