Monday, October 1, 2012

Purcellville, Here We Come

Soon we will open a coffee bar in the gorgeous town of Purcellville, Va. The space is located in a 100+ year old two-story home across from the Food Lion shopping center, 550 E. Main Street, to be exact. We have carved out a beautiful space in the back nestled in the opulence of the already established and expanding Everyday Elegance. The flow, purpose, and appearance of the shop was vetted again and again to ensure our message of simple, tasteful, and excellent is conveyed from the moment you enter. 

For the uninitiated, coffee is our profession and it is treated professionally by our baristas. Our preparation of coffee relies on an attention to detail and skill not seen in almost any other coffee shop. This isn't to say we  are snobbish; quite the contrary, we are coffee-curious, always striving to make a great experience for you, and fun people to spend time with.

For the cup-of-coffee drinker; we prepare each cup using the Chemex brewing system that requires the barista to pour just-off the boil water over a perfectly ground bed of coffee. Every detail is weighed, from beans to beverage and the result is a peerless cup of coffee that is repeatable day after day. For some the process may seem a bit lugubrious, but to others it will be fascinating, and the taste...ah the taste. If you are really interested we will be posting a schedule of free classes so that you too can recreate splendid coffee at home.

Espresso drinkers rejoice. Our espresso is extracted using a retro lever machine, literally your shots are "pulled". It is both fun to use and watch, and the taste...ah the taste. If you like milk with your espresso, we keep it simple; add 2 ounces, 4 ounces, or 8 ounces of milk to the shot. We texture milk into a micro foam giving the drink a sweet taste and chiffon-like texture throughout.  Our flavor additions to espresso drinks is also a simple line-up; organic single-origin Peruvian chocolate sauce and organic house-made vanilla syrup. Our diminutive menu reflects a collection of carefully chosen drinks each picked for their perfection. Like the best craftspeople we will let the products speak for themselves.

Besides fastidiously-made coffee drinks, we also source Trickling Springs Creamery milk for your drinks and to take home and Pressed Flour baked goods. We source products that we are proud of, that we ourselves want to consume, nothing less. Like you, we keep high standards and care about what we purchase, from the coffee farmers to the dairy farmers, every aspect is thoughtful.

Purcellville, I think we're going to like one-another and we look forward to meeting and serving you!

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