Friday, March 28, 2008

Houston We Need Re-fueling

As if you had been afloat on a homemade raft, drifting the ninety (90) miles to the mangrove lined Florida Keys, you were starving and you demolished the Cuban Black Bean Soup. Either famine has gripped our community or the rainy day lulled you in, the sounds of James Brown lifted your spirits, and before you knew it the morning was gone when you noticed hunger pains in your abdomen. For whatever reason we were forced to call in the fixer, Curtis. We always enjoy Curtis' company and today it will be coupled with Chris', so I am hoping the sparks will fly. As if that weren't enough entertainment for me, Gary will be baking this afternoon (hopefully more Monkey Muffins, but I know monkey is getting expensive). Gary seems to think me a Christmas ham and to fatten me is his goal. Good luck my friend! Summer too is alleviating the hunger pains by making a run to Elkins to pick up twelve (12) dozen bagels to keep you rolling. That's without mentioning she will be baking the Biscuits for the Jam. I will update with the menu and Biscuits and Jam news/tantalizers.

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