Friday, April 25, 2008

New Service?

In our ever diligent pursuit of filling your needs, we introduce Road Side Service! Abus kicked off the new deal, to our ZZ Top-like customer. Inspired by the car even Summer got into the "She Got Legs" spirit and got that unborn child out front and center! I of course, am worried about the impression placed on our little unborn female gift, what is she to think? If this is the example set by Mom, where is she to end up? Working here no doubt. The owner of the ZZ Machine loved what Abus brought him, however, neither I nor Chris made any drinks?? Well, the shout is out, "hey big spender!"
Not to deter our loyal mountain top dwellers, but the boyz-n-blue are all over the place cracking down on our free-spirited drunken drag races, demolition derbies, and off-road mud bogging. Don't let that keep you from taking advantage of our new service, and yes we will wait on you if you ride your bike here. We have to; come Monday half of the population will have been liberated of their licenses. Say hi to Curtis for us.
Speaking of Curtis, he broke out and brought some baked goods by, what a guy!
Pecan Bars $1.25
SnickerDoodles 3 for $1.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies 3for $1.00
Walnut and Apricot Pastries $2.00
Between waiting on "Sharp Dressed Men" Abus also whipped up some Salmon Cream Cheese; all that and she can cook! Also on the food front is Curtis returning to us Sunday to create some soups, stay tuned. We are so fortunate to eat this way. Thanks guys.
Enjoy the pictures and I'll run down the Police Blotter in the morning, should be fun!

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