Friday, May 30, 2008

5:30 Rocks

Today is your last chance to sup on Curtis' creations this month. He has yet to offer up a menu for June, hence it may be some time before you are afforded this chance again. Today brings, Wild Mushroom Stroganoff!

More are cycling in. Today marks the second day in a row that Rob and Melissa (of Heckbender Fame) pedalled their way to our humble shop, good work R & M! As you know, I do my best to document our cycling patrons, but alas Charlie's predilections for using my camera as a hammer has reduced it to a new life of use as a door stop alone. Thus, no photos of my newest intrepid cyclists, Rob and Melissa. Despite their visages not being spread across the world wide web, they brought me a great bit of small town drama. I will defer to them to relate the story to you (no, I won't steal their thunder), I will only preface the tale. It involves Alden, Blackwater gorge, missed shifts, and the fact that everyone knows everyone.

We have been sitting on a copy of Wonderful West Virginia magazine featuring Thomas' own Patrick. Apologizes for my tardiness in reporting this piece of news, but distractions...well distract me at times. Patrick and his business, Blackwater Outdoor Adventures, were beautifully covered in an article about canoeing on the Cheat River, fishing and birding. The author portrays Patrick as the expert he is. Congratulations and well done!

I am awaiting reports from the pub regarding the Director's first solo run behind the hallowed bar. Was another monumental amount of beer lost? The Director will be back in the shop tomorrow "training" newbie Nick. To kick off Nick's first day with style I will have a record player in house so bring your favorite record and give it a spin.
Speaking of many know, Chloe is in a rock band, Ace of Hearts, and tonight they perform their first show at Mountain State Brew Pub! Prepare to have your face melted by Chloe, Helen, Chris, and Kevin at 5:30 this evening. See you there!

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