Friday, May 9, 2008

Comfort Food

Just in time to comfort you on a rainy day, Curtis whipped up some Chicken and Dumplings with Roasted Potatoes. He was muttering quite often about how his mother made this, so I believe in making today's meal he was comforted. Many of you have sent out your congratulations regarding Chris' appointment to Employee of the Month, thank you, your accolades are so much cheaper than actually paying him more! He's certainly worth more than we pay him, and unfortunately that is the case with just about everyone who lives up here. It is a reality that we take compensation in our surroundings and good neighbors. Speaking of which...Anna and Sarah have been kind enough to put their copious celebratory skills to use, and throw Summer a baby kegger Saturday evening. You know those two (2) will pull out all the stops, but I'll save the gratitude for Sunday.
I think it's finally official, and just three (3) after I was informed she was leaving for Hawaii, Renee has finally left the building. Good luck Renee, I'm sure the morning will bring a plethora of stories about Renee now that she's gone, and I can't wait! If you have any way of contacting Tom Selleck, please, please warn him!

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