Wednesday, May 21, 2008


At the risk of sullying his reputation, Gary is leaving for Morgantown with the intention of attending a Clutch show. It puts a whole new spin on Gary's headbanging! I can't wait to see the inevitable tattoo and black-eye. Speaking of travel, Mimi (of my mother fame) is leaving her Florida environs Thursday and will be spending the summer with us on the mountain top. Safe travels, Mimi. Also traveling this week is our pal Mackie, only his travels lately have been via bicycle and his destination has been our shop. His latest steed has been a Cannondale Daytripper, a much maligned bicycle. I'm pleased Mackie has joined me in the "commute" between Davis and Thomas, this should encourage more to participate. Perhaps we should organise a bicycle poker ride. Any takers?
The baby pool is getting interesting and in an attempt to buy the pot Curtis is going for every available date. Good strategy! For future gamblers, Summer's latest appointment shows the baby descended, engaged if you will, and this is usually the harbinger of impending birth. So impending in fact that last night saw me assembling the bassinet, a small task amongst Summer's frantic nesting of late. It all adds up to a baby soon!

Abus is in the kitchen, and wielding Gary's zesting rod, is producing the ever-popular lemon and lime bars. Abus says, "you're welcome." Also coming out of her expert hands is the Salmon Cream Cheese. Bagel (more Jalapeno bagels are on the way!) noshers are appeased as well. Abus' visits are always marked with such progress in the kitchen. Thanks, Abus.

Abus also provided us with today's photos, a fire dancer, mimicking the HypnoSwirl. It makes me want espresso, what does it do for you?

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