Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mama's Day

The baby shower brought our home to capacity levels that would surely raise the eyebrows of the most lenient Fire Marshall. Very appropriate timing, just shy of Mother's Day, for our extended family of friends and neighbors to come by and celebrate our newest member. I really missed a photo opportunity last night as we had in attendance 82.3% of the babies in Thomas and Davis, it was a real cute-off at the Williams' house. Summer and I can't quite express how thankful we are for such a wonderful turnout and the outpouring of well, love. A special "thank you" to Sarah and Anne, great, great job!! To all of the mothers in attendance last night and to all those with us in spirit, a very Happy Mother's Day!

Personal note: to our mothers, Kathleen, Karen and Joyce, Happy Mother's Day, and the photos of Charlie are just for you. Everyone else scroll down. Chloe is not pictured due to a sleepover. One more personal note across the ether, Happy Mother's Day to our far-away friend Pam, (good follow-up work after Nick)!

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