Monday, June 2, 2008

Big Screen

Jeremy and the HypnoFamily made it to the drive-in. Indiana Jones was a lot of fun, replete with Han Solo and ET! My only criticisms are with the video game like quality of some action sequences and the ponce of a son they gave to Indy. Suspend belief and enjoy the aged action figure. Thanks for the positive feedback from John this morning regarding the Ace of Hearts blog. I'm glad the blog made an otherwise rough day better...through ROCK!! In honor of the kind sentiments, today's photo is Baby Z.

Tonight sees another Badminton cage match. Jarred has been talking smack, and the time has come to humble our young friend. Come one, come all, two people per team, grill-able food stuffs, and favorite drinks are all you need to get started.

My foray into a computer based dating game has yielded others wanting their turn on the blog. Kate you are next. An extensive personality profile will be needed, and once I have extrapolated the necessary traits, off to cyberspace for your love connection. I will expedite Kate's application in lieu of her need-based request.

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