Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bye Lindy

In an attempt to elude capture, our friend and neighbor Lindy is leaving the area until "the heat dies down." She'll ride out the next couple of months in Washington state in a cottage by Puget Sound. The mountain top is both sighing relief and lamenting the loss of Lindy's bawdy, low-brow sense of humor. We aboard the HypnoVessel place a high value on the sense of humor and look forward to her return with full amnesty!

Today finds many in the community sharing toast and jam while swapping the stories, ummm I mean gossip. You must be present to play! Chloe is hurdling over the mountain in route to DC, where Summer, Charlie, Gretchen, and I will connect in a couple of days. Anyone need goods from occupied America? Bring your lists to the shop tomorrow.

A curious lady, Lindy, thirty-three, beautiful, and Pilate's-toned she left me with an arcane excuse for leaving...something about "an uncomfortable alliance between Josie and myself, two women discovering the limits of ambition and the boundless rewards of human connection." Really? See you soon.
A majority of the above paragraph of culled, lifted, and well, plagerized from the back jacket of a forgotten book, "The Difference Between You and Me."

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Anonymous said...

who did she leave with? Somebody knows.....