Monday, June 16, 2008

False Start

So, this is how it's going to be? As many already know, Summer put the call in yesterday afternoon reporting "real" contractions and requested I pedal myself back up the hill. Kicking patrons to the sidewalk and turning away a dozen others Nick and I mothballed the ship, delivered an airpot of Bolivia to the Director at the Mountain State Brewery NRPS show, and I made my way home. Upon arrival, I find Summer lying down, calm, neigh-on sleepy, and in absolutely no pain or preambles of birth. What gives? She was hiking on Dobbin House Trail when those "real" contractions took purchase in her abdomen, but now at home all indicators have subsided. Maybe another walk will put this situation back into Threat Con Delta? No luck, so it was off to Hellbender Burritos for a labor-inducing Gravity Check. After all, it was a Lost Hiker that put Summer in this position, but still no labor. Summer had me going yesterday. Thanks to everyone at Hellbender for their support and encouragement. We have the best neighbors: Mackie (1st place trophy in hand!), Jason, Sarah, Chipper, Sarah H., Stroh, Alden, Rob, and Melissa all offered smart-ass well wishing. We would have it no other way!
Mackie, as previously referenced took First Place and Jason took Third in his time trial. Well done gentlemen. Mackie made his way to the shop early despite attending the NRPS show last night. Early reports are positive, the pub accommodated 200 or so denizens yet felt comfortable. It was a clear and cool night and cooperation of the weather is always helpful. We eagerly await further tales from the show!
I can't believe I let this slide yesterday. The winner of the Highlands Sky was none other than Joel (of Joel and Kate fame), you remember Joel, he and Kate saved us after our bagel bakery burned. That's right, he and Kate made your bagels for about four (4) months...and he set a course record on the always difficult Highlands Sky course. Very good job Joel and congratulations!

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