Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tornado Please

Whoever keeps cutting off the power can stop now, my computer is getting sick of it. Like a child that just discovered the light switch, Thomas has been under full assault. The changes keep waking the Director from his nap. Today brings a new HypnoStaffer, Angela! That's right we have another female on staff, finally the place won't feel like bachelor pad. Chris, Charlie, Nick and I are used to having free-reign over the HypnoStore, we might have to start acting more like decent members of the community. Maybe not. Angela is a student at TCHS and already gets along with Charlie. Bid a hearty hello when stopping in on her shift.
Kate (of Mountain State Fame) showed up and has decided to let me live. She was curious as to how I knew her favorite band was New Kids on the Block. It's so obvious.
We have a new Chai to sample. Our roaster, Larry's Beans, sent us a couple samples of their new organic chai, which is more in line with our coffees. We'll have Alden sample one and use his expert chai receptors as the flavor barometer. Tasting good is important too.
Speaking of taste, Gary will be in the kitchen tomorrow with Abus, so expect the counter to fill again. Expect miracles.

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