Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And On The Seventh Day...

The director is sailing the HypnoVessel today giving me a much needed respite from the hectic world of caffeine hustling. Not one to waste time idly "hanging-out", "imbibing", or "sleeping-in", no, I put the time to good use. Charlie and I tackled the daunting job of finally cleaning and repairing the trusty Stumpjumper! Always one to procrastinate, Ol' Stumpy has been sitting in the bike stand muddy, with a busted tire for two (2) weeks and counting, so the work was much needed. She now looks and rides like a dream; how many other bikes on the race course could have conquered five (5) miles of our rocky terrain on rim alone?

More than just the usual three (3) members of the Tucker County Trails Club showed last night. Even new residents Jeremy and Ann made it to the meeting, good going and welcome to the "inside". Rob and Alden (both of Hellbender fame) were busy keeping the patrons fed and hydrated, thanks boys. The IPAs assisted in meeting lubrication and may have led some guests to a life of crime... dining and dashing... gentlemen, really?! We won't mention names, only because I can't spell them.

Tomorrow will find me again setting the world ablaze behind the helm of the HypnoShip! See you in the morning. What say you to badminton on Friday?

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