Sunday, July 20, 2008

At The Drive-In

As many of you already know, yesterday our HypnoAmi Mackie participated in the USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships in Mount Snow, VT. According to the USA Cycling website our friend placed seventh (7th) out of twenty-five (25) in the Expert Men's (45-49). Well done Mackie, we can't wait until you return and bend our ears with tales from the top!
Tonight brings the promise of Drive-In fun for the HypnoFamily and pals. It's a double feature showing Batman and Journey to the Center of the Earth. If you have an interest in attending, and many have expressed interest, meet at our house around 7pm and we'll carpool. We don't get to enjoy the Drive-In nearly as much as we would like, hence the attention I give to such a special occasion, and we always enjoy our friend's company.
Earlier in the week while cycling home I flatted beside Pendleton Run. After swapping the tube I was going through the lugubrious process of airing my tire with my frame pump when a super helpful gentleman from Maryland pulled up and gave me the assist in the form of a super fancy Pedro's floor pump. A much easier inflation followed. Thanks.
Today brings the in-laws and with them comes my Alfa Romeo Spider. A very big thanks and pat on the back to my father-in-law Al for the retrieval and delivery of my sports car. I haven't laid eyes on that machine in about a year; a very warm reception is expected. If you have free time and are feeling charitable... I need to clean my extremely cluttered garage this afternoon just to create a space for the Alfa's arrival. Even the Alfa needs a bedroom.

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