Friday, July 25, 2008

Everybody, Wang Chung Tonight!

Photo taken in front of Mountain State Brewery fireplace.

Phil and I ventured out to the edge of night, doing research into the seedy underbelly that is mountain top night life. Reports are fuzzy, but as The Who eloquently penned it, "the kids are alright"! Thanks to Kate for the stellar service, to Chris for the unnecessary but delicious night caps, and to all those folks who were occupying a parallel universe for their entertainment value.
Prior to our outing, Phil joined the Gentle men's Gun Club for target practice. Thank heavens beer cans don't shoot back, for surely their aim couldn't have been worse than ours.

Gary should be back tomorrow, and not a moment too soon, as another WVU Adventure Class stopped in and ate us empty. Gary's muffins were practically being fought over, for good reason. I'd gladly put my fist in some one's face if they were to be so foolish as to come between me and a Blueberry Muffin!
Whoever snapped the above photo of Phil and I last night captured us perfectly! Alas, I've taken out the earrings, said goodbye to my steel-tipped-lapel shirt, and washed the mousse out of my hair in order to serve the community with the same professionalism I always provide. You're welcome.

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