Friday, July 11, 2008

Mr. Blue Sky

Front Street's retail specialist and Head-HypnoChef, Gary, is putting his day-off from MountainMade to good use, building you more Muffins. Yes, we know, Gary is the Muffin Man. Your appetite for his Muffins is insatiable, as with every batch he increases the yield, and yet they disappear quicker and quicker. Brief aside and request: if any of you out in the blogosphere know of a refrigerated deli-style case that works perfectly and needs a new home (price: next to nothing, right next to nothing) let us know. We at the HypnoVessel need a proper display case for Gary's Cheesecakes, and all other delectables.

The afternoon looks so promising we will host a badminton match if you would like to play, bring your grill-able and A-game to the yard around 6pm. Due to the mass exodus of local hippies in order to attend the All Good Music Festival in Masontown, WV, the badminton tourney may be a sparsely attended affair. This may be the perfect opportunity for you, the young badminton upstart, practicing daily in your basement (or ping-pong at the pub) to show up and apply your newly acquired skill set against a less competitive field.

So promising a weekend, to stay in-doors is a crime. We haven't had a dry spell this long in over a month. Trails will be dry enough to ride sans scuba gear, just watch out for the Camp 70 pit bull. If you've been down Camp 70 in the last couple of days you undoubtedly know of the dog I speak, thanks to Mackie for the handling of this situation and the avoidance of bloodshed is a bonus. Let's end on the avoidance of bloodshed.

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