Friday, August 8, 2008

Hellbender Es Uno!

Even if you have only lived here a little while as the HypnoFamily has, you have no doubt seen several local businesses close their doors. Today, however, we as a community celebrate a business's first anniversary. Our friends, Rob and Melissa, opened Hellbender Burritos (often referred to as Hellbenders, and they don't like that) one (1) year ago today, and they already seem like a long-time permanent feature in Davis. Hellbender gave the community a new taste for our pallets, and their interpretation of the burrito (they are not a Mexican restaurant) has become the new standard. Last year was a mirror of this August, the HypnoFamily had guests, and we walked down the hill to try the new Burrito shop only to arrive after every other resident had eaten, leaving nary a crumb for us. The next night delivered, and we have frequented Hellbender ever since. Always loud, crowded, and sometimes hot, Fridays and Hellbender are synonymous; our children are always welcome, Rob is always friendly, the pinball machine is liberal with matches, and the food is great! Rob, Melissa, Alden, Bob, Barbara, Joanna, and all the staff that have sailed aboard the 'Bender for the last year we salute ye!

So many of you read our blog and so few ever comment, today however, I am asking for your input. Submit a brief story about Hellbender, the time Melissa kicked your ass at pinball, the night when your kid threw a burrito at Rob, that afternoon you "forgot" your wallet and Rob spotted you the three (3) pints, etc.


Anonymous said...

Some of the best burritos aren't even on the menu. Next time try the "Lost Biker" or the "Jerk Biker" or the "Search and Rescue".

Be careful if you go out the back door on the deck behind Hellbender... that thing is rickety and unsafe.

younger with age said...

congrats and thanks to hellbender burritos. perfect place that helps make an already cool town cooler. This is a time to celebrate and embrace the burrito for its portability and versatility, but also for its steadfastness in todays ever changing world :)