Monday, August 25, 2008

Manic Monday

Blame it on Anne F., she came in with the Romeo Void song, "Never Say Never" stuck in her head. Aaron and I, always willing to accommodate, played the song for her, which led to "I Know What Boys Like", which led to Missing Persons', "Words", and Aaron put the kibosh on the whole thing fearing us unable to halt the slippery slope we found ourselves on. Ahhh, Aaron, a voice of reason in the otherwise indulgent world of HypnoCoffee? He'll get with the program soon enough.

Rumor has it Hypno's own Nick C. Hunt is planning on moving above us here at the HypnoVessel. Fearing for his job, he is willing to forgo roommates, drinking, and sparing all expense he's putting himself in a position to attend work in a timely manner. He may elevate himself from shop joke to shop lackey before we know it. I hope we still have a place for a social worker on staff. By the by, Nick, good luck with your licensing exam today!

The drive-in was again a hit! Thanks to Kate for attending and for the obvious deforestation taking place as you lay supine beneath the stars... you weren't asleep were you? The best part of the drive-in festivities had to be Charlie and Eden frolicking in the field in front of the screen, both playing "airplane", and in the dark suffering a mid-air collision. "BONK" two (2) kids crash... adults laugh in spite of themselves.

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