Saturday, August 23, 2008

You Say Its Your Birthday

Obviously we here at HypnoCoffee feel obligated to report the goings on within the shop itself. Having this obligation I have to report that Nick was again late. There, I said it, I know, I know, he's always late. Let us just move on...

Nick did receive an audible compliment regarding his cappuccino building skills; this as opposed to the usual spit and spray that normally accompanies that first sip. It may have taken until Labor Day, but by-God a barista has been born!

Since I am reporting the goings-on, I would be remiss to not mention that it was thirty-one (31)years ago today that our HypnoFriend Kate L. was born! Happy Birthday to our lady of the Mountain State Brewery. Stop in the pub tonight, wish Kate a very Happy Birthday, and don't forget to put a big fat tip in... her jar (she's got three (3) kids you know)!

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when Sarah H. pulled up in front of the shop riding her vintage Trek HypnoCoffeeMountainBike! Today's photo is submitted as people's evidence #082308, focus on the head badge and enjoy. Thanks for riding such a cool bike Sarah, and I take back those things I said on Thursday.

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