Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag


All of those services, plus no whip double skinny vanilla latte.

I know you're sweet, but you don't melt and I know your mettle is tough as steel, but you don't rust. We've all played on a wet field before and this weekend will be no different. The forecast may be bleak, but the Leaf Peepers festival shall sally forth. I know it's a drag, but if you don't attend you won't be afforded the chance to support your local vendors and...see our big secret, (which most of you know already). That's the problem with such a tight community, there are no secrets. I have done my best to play up our news (and it is a big deal for us), so much so that the Director had to ask. Yes, the big secret is that your favorite coffee shop (yes, HypnoCoffee) is moving to Davis! As most of you already know, the HypnoFamily lives in Davis and has always wanted the HypnoVessel to be moored in Davis, well our fate has changed since we opened one (1) year ago and now space is available in Davis. Part of living in a remote community such as ours is the good fortune of not having to commute. The HypnoFamily looks forward to the provincial lifestyle afforded to those that walk to work.

The new space is on the western side of the festival grounds, in the old service station. The space has been undergoing renovation recently (thanks Pete and Larry) and is looking great, but don't take my word for it, walk through the new vessel during Leaf Peepers. Step out on the new deck, imagine you're holding a macchiato, sitting beneath the heated umbrellas, peering out onto the Blackwater River, thinking how lucky you are to be taking this in, and then coming back inside to pick up your cheesecake and tell me how much you like our being there. Sounds good; see you at Leaf Peepers!

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