Monday, September 8, 2008

HypnoCoffee (1) Starbucks (0)

A "Big Dummy"...and a long bike

Ben's designated driver

Is it the espresso this morning? Man, the rancor of Monday morning is upon me, and I am swept up in its pull. Perhaps apologies are in order to the denizens suffering the diatribes and rants, and it wasn't just Mackie today, oh sure he helped, and speaking of Mackie... his string of victories on the West Virginia Mountain Bike Association circuit came to an end yesterday on the final race of the season, placing second. Mackie made us more than proud with his unbreakable dominance, but we have found his Achilles Heel.

Allow a brief digression: Mackie almost always visits HypnoCoffee the morning of his races, and always gets a triple shot of espresso, just enough to fuel him to victory. The difference Sunday was Mackie's patronage of the startlingly inferior Starbucks somewhere in the Barboursville area. Yes, that's right, Starbucks. Perhaps a new slogan for the coffee shop behemoth should be, "fueling second place". Indeed under the influence of HypnoFuel our friend never failed, and well, there's always next year for the achievement of a perfect record. Lesson learned!


Anonymous said...

Is Ben's driver for hire?

Lindy said...

okay, i did not mean to post annymously....though....maybe i should given my secret agent status out here in WA......