Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Bottom Has Dropped Out

The face that has launched a thousand bike trips, now launches your mochas too. Lucky you. It's training day aboard our vessel and Mackie already seems adept at knot tying, navigation, and tacking. I probably shouldn't praise his Mackness too much lest I lose him to the predatory poaching style hiring practices used by a certain windmill company. We are obviously a proving ground for reliable intelligent workers. I know what you are thinking, "but Tony, the Director was hired?". That's true, but the Director possesses several excellent qualities, just ask his mother.

Summer and I picked out our laminate top for the new counter last night, and as always the chore required a two (2) hour drive in order to complete. Just one (1) of the perks of living on the mountain top, no big-box stores to offend the eye. And in keeping with the effort of not offending eyes, we will be carving what shall be the best looking jack-o-lanterns tomorrow at 2 p.m. If you want a carved work of art gracing your porch on All Hallows Eve, then join in!


Jack McG said...

Happy Diwali this week too ...

Anonymous said...

How can I get one these windmill supervisor jobs? Seems like easy work and tons of money. I would love to get paid to hang out at hypno and delegate work!
put me in contact with these folks!

heres my info: