Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

What no comments on yesterday's photo? Come on...a barnacle has a penis...did you know that? They mate for chrissake, most residents of the mountain top aren't that lucky. That's just one (1) advantage to working aboard a sea vessel, the mating. Just ask Gary and Chris. I didn't mean to "out" Gary, but the blog knows no secrets, and tells no lies.

Lights are being hung aboard the new ship today. Stop by and peep the changes, a little more everyday, thanks to Dave and Kevin. Whilst the HypnoFamily is on shore leave Dave will see to it that the future ship is sea worthy by November 7th. Remember, no Hypno for one (1) week, so stock up on take home beans (one half (1/2) or one (1) pound increments, based on addiction) tomorrow; it will be the only item I ring up.

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