Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Back!

Morning, October 28th.
Shooting skeet in some one's driveway (note the exploded clay in the background).
I went to sleep last night with a few flurries falling and awoke this morning to two (2) inches on the car. A nice preamble of winter is upon us and should continue to coat us in the white stuff for the next two (2) days. It may be an interesting Halloween. At least we are prepared with an army of handsome jack-o-lanterns.
Rough News: Unfortunately, our shooting member and HypnoFriend Dave (and many others) started off this week with the news that they had been laid off. I hope an employment opportunity opens for Dave and his former co-workers soon, as we hate to lose neighbors in possession of such good qualities... like marksmanship. Best of luck to those cut loose.
Rougher News: Preliminary plans have us shutting down the HypnoVessel this Friday, October 31st and not re-opening until Friday November 7th. A new President shall be elected, a community readies itself for a new season, and a new shop shall be opened in Davis. In the vacuum of inconvenience caused by our week of prep work, stock up on coffee. I ordered twenty (20) pounds of coffee yesterday for you. Take home a pound Thursday or Friday and that should see you through the week.

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Fat-Boy said...

So now that your moving to Davis this causes me an issues. It's bad enough I can't stop eatting at Hellbenders, now you right down the street!! I would travel over to DIRTY Thomas, but now I see many coffee highs in my future...