Friday, October 3, 2008

We Need A Retriever

We shoot skeet...Ulrich?

The skeet are fewer by ninety (90) after a spur of the moment Mojito Cup. Tonight saw Rob (of Hellbender fame) ascend to the pinnacle of target acquirement and snatch the cup from me. Nice shootin' Robbie B., finally a victory to mark a true champion! Thanks to Melissa for holding down the 'Bender whilst we sent skeet to a quick but dusty grave.

A Ben Nelson update: (thanks to Todd for the call, too bad you were traveling today) Ben arrives in D.C. Saturday night at 8:25. Mark and Claire...are you out there? Perhaps the Wall Street Journal can spare you? By the way, does Mark wear such ridiculous wife hating outfits (see Labor Day garden party) in D.C.? The leaves have turned like Benedict Arnold, and our HypnoPal, Ben, needs a hand getting his color fix.

Gretchen demands my attention, Charlie needs Batman to do battle with Joker's T-Rex, and Chloe has made Matzo Balls with leeks that need consumption...priorities...


"snomonkey" said...
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"snomonkey" said...

Ben has been located but before we could catch him, like all the smart people he made quick haste with an escape from Washington. We think he is on the lam somewhere in central Virginia but we may yet provide shelter and transportation to one of the finest Bens in Canaan.

Regarding the side question about proper dress, Mark's DC dress is decidely un-DC but doesn't normally approach the fine flair it did on Labor Day