Friday, December 5, 2008


I left Mackie and Summer at the helm and dashed off for occupied America with the intention of bringing back our roaster sensei. Once in Maryland I received the first of several calls informing me of delays (no prob I'll eat and wait), but finally flights were cancelled and I was in Pittsburgh with no mission. I thought it best to grease the United States economy whilst in America's sootiest city; your welcome George W. Participating in that all-American recreation of shopping I hit the Swedish-owned Ikea and went to work. Purchasing only for the HypnoVessel I selected carefully, procuring only items that streamline operation and add to that special nautical theme. Having graciously given to big box America, I pointed my Subie south towards West Virginia, screamed along with Eddie Money (Two ((2)) Tickets To Paradise), Def Leppard (Photograph ((best damn one (1) armed drummer in the biz))), and Billy Joel (Moving Out, Anthony's Song (( in his Chevy for a Cadillac-yac-yac-yac you oughta know by now!))), amongst many others, and returned in time to help with the last in battening duties. I'll work on my voice and try again next week.

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