Monday, December 15, 2008

Where My Head At?

No, I hath not forsaken thee, o' dear reader. I possess a good reason for my Internet absence. In the interest of meeting even more of your requests, demands, and threats I brought in an expert, a sensei if you will, to train me in the dark art of coffee roasting. With this knowledge I present: Sumatra, Kenya AA, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, and four (4) blends. I am struggling with naming the blends. Aaron and I brainstormed this morning and with the exception of the B.A. Baracus Blend, we came up short on appropriate names. I stress appropriate, since we came up with a plethora of rude, crass, sexual, mean, stupid, degrading, goofy, and oblique nomenclature. Don't worry, I won't make you order a pound of Donkey Punch Especiale or Dirty Sanchez's French Kiss. I like you far too much.

Speaking of liking you, I'll see you tonight at the Clothing Swap! I had my vision checked, glasses adjusted, and my camera batteries charged. I am completely ready to point out the difference between micro-suede and velour, just ask.

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