Wednesday, January 28, 2009

E. Pluribus Hypno

Your 'ol Unkie Mackie wants you! No not you...the girl behind you in the third row of anatomy and physiology. I mentioned the call in a previously well written post, and today you began to answer that call. The deadline for filing your intent to run for office ends Friday and the urgency to serve our community is beginning to come to a head. Today I spoke with four (4) HypnoFriends about their serving on the city council and received two (2) yeses and (2) maybes. No, I won't tell you their names until after Friday. Let us savour this moment, when your friends and neighbors were in the preambles of volunteering their time to serve our community. Prepare to back, support, and in other words, vote for these proud denizens intent on making this wonderful town an even better place. HypnoSupport to you all!

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Anonymous said...

wow, ya know.. thanks to your photoshop wizardry, i just now realized mackie really does have that "one of the founding fathers" look to him!!