Thursday, January 8, 2009

E's B-Day

The artist formerly known as Glue-Eye.

Hypno, now with Spitz and Swallows.

It is true. Back when Charlie was a fetus riding around in Summer's womb, he had an arrival date of January 10th. I begged and pleaded with Summer to induce labor on January 8th, only two (2) days ahead of the expected arrival, but with benefits that last a life time. For those not in the know (and you really should be ashamed for not knowing) the King of Rock-n-Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8th. Was it so terrible to want my son going through life sharing a birthday with the King of Rock-n-Roll? I thought you'd agree. Happy birthday E!

Appearing on our wall today, and doubtfully given as a gift for the King, was a beautifully illustrated dog. I was informed by the serendipitous artist, Becky (of glue-eye fame) that the rendering is of a breed known as a Spitz. The Spitz complements and fits in nicely with our images of Swallows. Thanks Becky, and well done!

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