Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Baby New Year.

We welcomed the new year with snow, and that has to be considered a good start. Thanks to the anonymous Davis resident who fired off the impressive fireworks display at the stroke of midnight. No resolutions made, as resolve is the trait I possess in spades. What did you resolve to do in the coming year? May I suggest: quit smoking, work on your backhand, get involved in your local government, volunteer your time to those having less than you, drink less, shave and shower more, participate in the Ride @ Five (5), frequent local merchants for goods instead of shopping through the Internet (no, this doesn't include trips to WalMart), take a vacation, activate that business plan and hang your shingle, save twenty (20) percent of every paycheck all year, ride your bike to work, get down to your fighting weight, take up a new sport, read at least one (1) book, and of course, drink more coffee. Oh, and yes, I had you in mind while jotting those down.

The HypnoVessel doesn't need date specific traditions to plot its course, we have set goals that include garnering wholesale accounts and expanding our roasting beyond the HypnoHull. If we all apply the "plan and execute" principles used in Vessel guidance we might actually get something done this year. We'll see to it that your quality of life continues to improve in respects to your consumption of caffeinated beverages over the year.

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