Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby It's Ready To Roar

This cat is already out of the bag. Our HypnoFriends in arms, Highland Prospects, are staging to move the whole operation next door to the HypnoVessel. Now I know what you're thinking, "that's great Tony, now I can hang with Ben, Jeremy, and you." You're right, but getting there is gonna be a noisy affair. The slip next to the HypnoVessel needs a plethora of work, hence the next three (3) months are going to be saw and hammer fest right outside of our hulls. If the noise becomes too invasive, I'll turn up the music and give away booze to help with the rough edges contained within the din of construction. What I do look forward to is the learning of new cat calls, current country music hits, what snuff looks like after two (2) hours in someone's mouth, and of course, how to git 'r done!

Remember, oh sensitive blue collar advocate, aboard the vessel nothing is sacred and even in the winter the gloves are off. So before you jot down that deeply offended comment, remember...the 'comments' section is still down. Perhaps by design? Lamenting the absence of 'comments' is Davis' favorite son, Mackie who dropped me a more traditional email asking when the blog would be fixed. Anonymous D.C. IT geek is on it!

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