Thursday, February 26, 2009

Old Adages And New Records

Blurry sunrise.

Another day another dollar. The days and dollars keep adding up 'round this 'ol ship and even though the month has yet to end we have set another record. The extent to which we shattered the record set just last month hasn't been fully realized, but I'll keep you posted. Before you know it we'll start taking home a paycheck! Oh happy day!

It is true we are experiencing growth, and really, not a moment too soon, but we have a lot more room for growth and can't do it without you. Yes you, anonymous D.C. IT Geek, Bubba, Moriah, Al, Janel, Sheila, Rob, Melissa, Alden, Gary, Pete, Chip, Willie, the Director, et. al. You know who you are and the role you play, whether it be daily consumer, interweb technical assistance, or just soundboard and advise in regards to the next steps. Thanks.

"Anonymous" commented that another suitable name for a wine room would be HypnoCave. I like the ring of that. Much like the BatCave before it, the HypnoCave could contain the secrets that make us such superheros...alcohol. A secret door, gadgets, an array monitors observing the goings on around the town, and me in a leotard and mask chomping at the bit to play the role of vigilante. Oh yeah, that's what we're going with. That and wine.

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