Monday, February 2, 2009

Six (6) More Weeks

Yes, we did watch Groundhog Day the movie in the shop today. Oh, that precocious Bill Murray! Last night's Superbowl party at the 'bender was a hit! Nice wings Robbie B. My mood lately has been provincial and reminiscent. Enjoying the winter, settling in, if you will, for another six (6) weeks of the cold. The community participation of late has me thinking of when I enjoyed my time in Florida. I had been away from the Sunshine State for neigh on eight (8) years, I had saved a bit of money from my employ in California, and decided on returning to my hometown. My childhood friend, Phil, offered a place to stay, and with the two (2) of us going through our own periods of flux it was a good time to reconnect with an old friend. Returning to the town in which I grew up felt really good; looking up old friends, relishing in the bars, restaurants, and homes I had missed. I came home in February just before the azaleas bloomed, and even the smells evoked lost memories and comforts. I was afforded the opportunity to fulfill some dreams; to start a band, write songs, play gigs, and record music. I stayed up to greet the sunrise on many an occasion, I was on top of the world, and generally led my life just the way I wanted...until...the money ran out. That's how it goes. After yet another shift on the responsibility tip, I met Summer and Chloe. Thus started another happy phase of my life, and soon we found our way to West Virginia. Our leaving my hometown was brought on by the changes the town went through as I went through my own changes. We grew up, and apart from one (1) another; I stopped going to the bars and restaurants, and they closed, I stopped visiting my friends' homes, and they moved away to be replaced by folks I had no desire to get to know, I ceased watching the sunrise, and the sun never rose again. You get the idea. As I focused my energies elsewhere, so did my town, and after a decade it was barely recognizable to me. We need to make these moments together count, and not forget what is important about them and our community. Back home, Phil is still fighting the good fight to keep our mutual hometown from losing its character completely, and I'm glad he has the energy and love for the town. It's the kind of energy we are seeing here now in Davis.

PSA #129887: Tomorrow night there will be a potluck get-together at the Purple Fiddle to celebrate and mourn Kip, who left this mortal coil last week. In lieu of a funeral service, this gathering is your chance to reminisce, remember, laugh, and cry with your friends as the community says goodbye to an old friend.

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