Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You're So Phat, Tuesday

Ready to start walking, but not quite.

Trends are as interesting as they are incidental. Some days I run out of skim having three (3) gallons of whole milk sitting in reserve, other days there will be a run on soy or even (gasp!) decaf. Today, in obvious unconsciousness of Fat Tuesday, you made a run on all things decadent offered aboard the HypnoVessel. Had I stocked booze, you'd all be soused and stumbling about in the snow. (That, by the way, is an excellent killer of time!) Not being the purveyor of alcohol, I jocked cappuccinos, mochas, chai tea lattes, and a plethora of Gary's baked delectables. Not only were the people drinking espresso and eating cake as if there were no tomorrow, our lady folk boarded the vessel ready for Mardi Gras. My lack of beads to throw to HypnoChicks probably saved my eyes and their dignity (yes, I jest, dignity is a strong word). Well done, mountaintop. I imagine many will give up animal fat, sugar, and tube tops for lent. Hopefully not too many.
Last year I asked you to give up Starbucks for lent, thank you, and this year I request you make the full commitment to Hypno by surrendering to our online store for your in-home coffee consumptions. If you are one (1) of the lucky individuals living atop the mountain, you can just stop by the harbour, board the HypnoShip and buy yours directly. Speaking of our website, I received some good advice from patron and coffee connoisseur, Sherman today. I'll get to work on better descriptive narratives.

Man, the HypnoMachine keeps chugging along like a juggernaut through the ether. Not only are we revving up for coffee roasting, but as the build-out for Highland Prospects begins we have been thinking about the small space between Hypno and Highland. Oh sure, it could be a small office, a visitor's center, or just a sound barrier between my laughter and Jeremy's ??? (those noises he makes), or... We are thinking it is the right size for a wine store. HypnoWine anyone? I have asked you for help in the past and was rewarded, so, does anyone have any connections in the world of vino? You know who to call and eternal HypnoThanks to responders!

Tomorrow, Summer turns the big three (3) oh (0)!

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Anonymous said...

or there is "HypnoCave" - that being the European term for wine cellar....