Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Jittery Buzz

Now that's a project! Papa Al (of Summer's dad fame) was aboard for the birth of what I hope will become a new brew offered by our HypnoFriends at Mountain State Brewery, the HypnoStout. If refined pallets sample the HypnoStout in Snowshoe, and enjoy it, that would reinforce the argument to put this special beer into rotation. It possessed twenty-four (24) ounces of our delicious espresso, six (6) ounces of Ghirardelli mocha powder, and of course fifteen (15) gallons of Mountain State's creamy stout. I pulled the shots, mixed the mocha, and Willie injected the coffee deliciousness into the keg via a tap pump. Damn, it looked awesome and tasted wonderful. The head of the stout smelled of coffee, the taste was chocolaty and tinged ever-so-slightly with coffee, and then the finish leaves your mouth tasting of bittersweet espresso upon exhalation. Simply put, the experience was a complete success. All tasters present were very pleased and never so excited to be buzzed.


Anonymous said...

New Idea for Suite 2...classic rock radio station?!?!

Cory said...

Howz 'bout something more akin to independent/pirate radio...then you could play something a bit more original than "classic rock," which this area doesn't need more of. You could make jokes daily about Gary Berti and also reveal personal embarrasing history about people like Tony. If not, go for the classic rock!

anonymous VA IT geek said...

Um.. i am a little disappointed I wasn't notified about this tasting. I am considered to be the foremost authority on stout tasting in my own mind!! I think.