Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make It A Double

WV driving and drinking age has been lowered...again.

Mad skillz.

Tomorrow finds me in a different role. Instead of making stimulants, I will be assisting young Willie (of Mountain State fame) in the creation of depressants. We are putting together a beta version of an Espresso Stout, infusing the Mountain State brew with HypnoEspresso and just a hint of chocolate. What's that? You can't wait to sample it, me too, but it's headed to Snowshoe (I believe) for consumption and enjoyment. Hopefully this is the beginning of creating an Espresso Stout that we can recreate time after time, maybe for a season, or special occasions. Thanks to Willie for working with such a difficult person on this project.

The photo of the Director elicited a phone call and denial from Chris today. He claims not to have worn shorts this year, and swears his ass is smaller in size and hairier in person. I'll get confirmation on that from Nick C.

It's been off the shelf lately, but I finally got around to filling an apothecary jar with Kate's favorite, Kama Sumatra. It's a sin to let such a cleverly named coffee lie dormant for too long. Forgive my negligence and prepare your taste buds for coffee-sexiness.

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