Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mug Shot

Our HypnoPal, Ben Nelson, arrived today bearing the first of two (2) deliveries. We took possession of six (6) hand made mugs gilded with a "Hypno" badge and swirl. The vortex sucks you into coffee consumption whether you want it or not. I hope our latest attempt to hypnotize you works. You are experiencing a need for coffee, you are experiencing a need for coffee...If you like the mugs as much as we do, we can work out a way for you to own one (1), two (2), or twelve (12); just contact that really good-looking barista. Yes, I mean Summer.

Speaking of good-looking baristas, we are adding to our rogue's gallery of coffee hypnotists. Come in Friday the thirteenth (13th) and meet our latest addition, the very lucky, Cade A. The very day I placed my online request of Cade's presence, he showed up and an accord was struck. Cade has served aboard other scurvy vessels, but has no idea what sea legs are until he's served the HypnoMast.

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