Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Case Is Cracked, Like An Easter Egg!

No confession necessary. Our diligent forensics team, consisting of the good folks at Strokes & Slants of D.C., especially Beverly West, an employee and second home owner in the valley, put to rest our queries into who? She especially appreciates being on the "inside" of this April Fool's Day mystery, and works for coffee to boot. We sent handwriting samples from our suspects; Cory C., Nicole, Kaitlin, Kimmy, and Moriah. A lot of deliberation went into compiling the list of suspects, and we were correct in our assemblage of the rogue's gallery of locals. We lifted their frequent buyer cards, a photo of the sign, and sent the whole magilla to our HypnoPal Beverly. After just five (5) days, Beverly sent back the irrefutable results.

The handwriting, especially the Hypno-Swirls on the card of Moriah matched the script and swirls on the April Fool's sign. The steady baseline matching her calm personality, the way the letters are joined indicating her orderly logical thought process, the capital letters being twice the height of the lower case letters reflect she is self-confident and optimistic, and especially the upright writing style indicative of her reliability.

Thanks to Beverly for participating in the fun, and to Moriah for making such a killer sign. I gleefully await a full disclosure of your mischievous deeds.


Cory said... put me on the suspect list, eh? What do you think I am trying to do, flunk out of school and disrupt "business-as-usual" for such a fine establishment?

Moriah, on the other hand, likely has the time and the deviousness to dig into such an endeavor. Or we can always calm our suspicions and just blame seth...oh, seth.

...and my sign would say something like "get a massage and then jack up on coffee and that order, preferably!"

Anonymous said...

So how much time is she looking at after her conviction for the illegal use of a utility pole? I just called the Sheriff, but he was busy investigating the blog from his hypno-traffic stop and applying for a Homeland Security crimefighting grant for riot gear/SWAT team equipment because of the increase of trouble up on the mountain.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't Moriah silly boys

Moriah said...

What?! I offer to bring you bagels from the City of Brotherly Love, and THIS is what I get in return? A false accusation? Of course, it's all true about my calm personality, logical thought process, self-confidence, optimism, and reliability, (oh, and you forgot good speller), but noticeably missing from that list of my charming personality traits is the one characteristic truly necessary for such brilliant April Fools debauchery: creativity. I wish I could claim such an artistic original idea, but I'm afraid I don't hold a candle to the other suspects in the creativity realm. Obviously your detective work is not as refined as your roasting. (And yes, I DO mean both coffee AND community roasting.)

Cory said...

C'mon peeps!

Can't we all just agree that S. Pitty is either
a) responsible for this guerilla-marketing tactic, or
b) just a good scapegoat?