Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How To Shoe A Horse

Now if you are ever invited to a game of horse shoes do not bring your farrier tools. Some beer, chips, dip, and the ability to throw the horse's shoes at a pole is all you need. Thanks to Mike (of Tucker County Gladiator fame) and Evan (of Mountain State fame) for the invite. Who knew throwing horse shoes could be so damn difficult as can be attested by Mike. Sorry about that errant toss and I hope your leg is healing nicely. Oh yeah, I clipped the Gladiator and lived to tell the tale...even after laughing uncontrollably. Mike promises more of the tossing in the near future (however, he refuses to ever be my partner again), and with the weather promising summer-like pleasantness, why not?

We aboard the HypnoVessel are busily preparing to send the Director back into the trenches of Cheat Fest. That's right, we are bringing back our former Employee of the Month for a one (1) festival blow-out! We hope for an even better year and are doing our best to simplify our production. Many of you will attend Cheat Fest so be sure and check on the Director, he may not have his sea legs after nearly a year earning big bucks as a windmill cowboy.

Things are finally falling into place after the disappearance of both Aaron and Nicole. We are preparing for the long hours of summer by setting a HypnoDay into two (2) shifts on the weekends. Yes, this means evening hours; at least until o-dark-thirty. We hope to see you lounging upon our deck watching the sunset with us. To help with enticement, we hear the volleyball court is an approved project and will make afternoons even better. Nothing brings out the best in our community like caffeine-fueled competition in a pit of play sand.


Cory said...

Can't wait for the V-ball. Hitting your teammate is not good strategy, you know.

Will be sure to spy on the director at the Cheat Fest, maybe see how easy it is to snatch a coffee or two...?

Keeping hours longer? Great! Four thumbs all the way up!

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