Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obviously, It's The Weather

This is not a file photo.

And for Earth Day, we upon the mountain, hath received...snow! Awaking to white one (1) more time seems to be the theme of spring. This, however, is the last snow...right? If you live here and are completely over reading editorial regarding the weather, skip to the next paragraph. This is for friends and family reading from the nether regions of their offices, rat-infested apartments, and dorm rooms. Yesterday's weather was the stuff worthy of discussion. Charlie and I walked to the HypnoVessel beneath a clear sunny sky, by the time we were ready to walk to the post office and mail your coffee the skies were threatening rain, sure enough, upon our return we were met with drizzle, followed once again by sun, then (here's were it gets better) hail, then snow, then sun, then rain (left for a run at this point), then freezing rain, then sun again, and finally snow. Imagine the sweeping temperature changes necessary for that. Whew, it's like the mid-west in tornado season, without the Wal Marts and much prettier.

In case you skipped the weather report, Happy Earth Day. Anna and Meagan still need to stop in and pick up their "just rewards" from Heckbender. So do you, Bish, but I know you are out of pocket; tell Mom "hi" from Hypno. I don't want to be accused of letting down my friends and not delivering the payroll. Now stealing the payroll is okay, but failure to deliver is unacceptable.

Summer's idea for a karaoke slam may morph into a good cause (not that watching our friends shred their vocal cords for our entertainment isn't a good cause). We were given the suggestion to turn the affair into a "rock the vote" theme. I like that idea, what with elections just around the corner, and awareness being our friend. Thanks to Jeremy (of Highland Prospects fame) for giving us the idea, and the further suggestion of an "issue sheet" upon which neighbors can jot down the issues they see facing Davis. Now you'll have two (2) tasks facing you, which song to perform and interpret, and what you'd like to see happen or change within your town. I can't wait to hear both.


Cory Chase said... happen in Davis: a farmer's market...maybe a community garden space down by the bay, where the watermelons grow...back to my home, I shall not go... er, river?

Song: no clue, can't sing, need lessons, any takers?

Remember, it has snowed in Davis/Canaan Valley every month of the year at some point in time!

Anonymous said...

"It's not true that rainy days are the worst, they are the only days in which you can walk holdin' your head high even if you are cryin'." - Jim Morrison

Anonymous said...

Yeah-rock the vote! In the spirit of Earth Day we need to prepare Davis for the terrible crisis of the Global Warming...uh make that Global Climate Change Phenomenon. Oh yeah, "change" is good right?...I mean "Yes we can!" I'm confused. Can some of the more politically correct and astute hypnoblogging sheeple help me out on how all this fits?

esac tun said...

"Yes we can!" sure ain't no "Yes we will!" He's just gotta keep the mean ball rolling, no reform or revolution allowed! Globalized free trade = God's will!

Climate change is not the same thing as global warming. Climate change conerns long-term changes in things like atmospheric pressure, rainfall, ya know, atmosphere stuff, while global warming is not so broad, having to do with an increase in global air, land and water temperatures.

Putting on another rock concert to show support for the squirming planet seems like the best solution to all this left wing, right foot, top heavy acrobatic poo-fest that is American Life.

Anonymous said...

Ordinances covering rubble, abandoned structures, and junked vehicles/trailers. Ordinances controlling Outdoor Woodburning Boilers (OWB's); without this, a handful of these shed-style burners could recharacterize Davis and dirty it's air half the year; it's happened in other unwitting small towns.

Anonymous said...

Nut Case Said:

Oh, so climate change is like the ice age that...(me looking at my watch)...that we're due for any time now? OK that makes sense! That's a change I can believe in! That will probably happen real soon, like right about when we finally pull all of our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

How about a karioke rock concert for bringing the troops home and fighting global cooling in Davis? Once we take over the city government it should be a slam dunk!