Thursday, May 21, 2009


Battle rap anyone?

Some of our more observant patrons noticed a new face behind the counter Tuesday afternoon, Cory. Cory will be our evening cruise director, and for the one (1) or two (2) peeps who do not know Cory, background on our newest sailor can be had here : . Cory will begin sailing the night fantastic next weekend; be kind to Cory in these, the early stages of sunset hours.

You know what I love? Being awakened at five (5) am by the sounds of Gretchen's first word being repeated over and over; "hi!" "HI" "hi?" Just like her brother before her, her first word qualifies her for a career handing out shopping carts and giving salutations to the beautiful denizens at WalMart. I believe the job carries the esteemed title of "greeter", and that describes her perfectly.

Hey, what about our new Armenian drifter? The tales are becoming legendary; trashed rooms, erotic poetry, flipped vehicles, generosity, and debauchery. Share your tale.


seth. said...

yo, tonizzle

i'm wonderin how if it's possible to post a flyer on here that i made.

if not a-okay.

We'll be having the wine and cheese party
saturday may 23rd 5pm-8pm
featuring the fine fine music of Alex Wudarski (that's becky's brother)
excessively fancy dress welcome.

if you'd like the flyer e-mail me and have me e-mail you i guess.

HypnoBlog said...

You must pose all queries in the form of RAP!!!


Cory said...

Thursday night ride
we was taken our time,
fixin' flats, stayin' safe
and pumped for the climbs.

Some Hoodoo rock voodoo evenin' sunset view
then ever down over rocks all wanting to eat you!

H. Bender 2 Niner gets a back flat,
I ped ahead to get 4 wheels,
panting into town an ambulance squeals,
turns out the drifter had caused that big deal...
you surprised at that?

anonymous VA IT geek said...

said drifter was displaying his fly fishing prowess in the middle of Front St last weekend for the dispersing late night crowd at the fiddle. He was actually pretty good too!