Monday, June 15, 2009

Beach In The Mountains

Thanks to Rob S., Chip B., and Charlie for their sand leveling skillz!

Is it Charlie's sand box, so that he and Eden can cover one another's scalps with sand, is it a litter box for our pet tiger that came with the last order of Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans, or is it a canvas for Tibetan sand painting? No, well not exactly...I guess it could be any or all of those, but it is supposed to be our volleyball court! Chip, Rob, and I put our magnificent bodies to work spreading and leveling sand. Never has manual labor looked so sexy. Some day soon Jeremy, Ben, and the HypnoFam will host an inaugural game and, of course, you are invited.

Also on the sport beat...Mackie brought home the gold, again! Mackie's generosity extended beyond the usual gold medal; this year he brought home SWAG as well. Thanks for the hydration backpack and sweatshirt... so cool! The generosity didn't stop there either. Whilst discussing the newly leveled volleyball court, ideas were discussed regarding more sand and surrounding the court with sod to both contain the sand and allow for slightly softer landings while diving for shots. The mention of both was met with an idea of fundraising for sand (two people immediately tried to pony up money) and one (1) patron even offered to purchase $200.00 worth of sod to place around the court. Wow, HypnoPatrons are the greatest! I thought such generosity and community spirit only existed in the movies. Thanks HypnoDenizens!!!


Anonymous said...

What a great community you have on the mountaintop. Where else can you critique one another's opinions one day and spread sand together the next?

HypnoBlog said...

Hells Yes! You know 'dis be a kickin' community.