Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ruminations On Elections Past

If you are a visitor to our little mountain town you probably see faces and folks not too much different from yourself. Whether you are in Hellbender, Sirianni's, Blackwater Bikes, Bright Morning Inn, Highland Prospects, Front Street Exchange, or Hypno you interact with people who love this area for the same reason you vacation here; only we made the leap to moving here. Living next door to us, down the street, and around the block are "locals", people who grew up here, whose parents grew up here, and whose grandparents grew up here. Most local neighbors keep their distance until situations warrant, they get to know you, and they turn out to be good neighbors; just leery of first. The distrust manifests itself in things like elections.
Within the community of new locals (denizens who chose to move here) three (3) people ran for office this year. So intimidated at the prospect of three (3) non-born-n-raised boys serving on the town council that the "local" population turned out to vote. Some would say this is a good thing in that it brought people out and encouraged participation in the electoral process. Which would be true if said people turned out to vote for a candidate as opposed to voting against a candidate, which is what I and many others suspect is the case. Why else would the municipal election bring out over one hundred and thirty (130) voters when the normal turn out is just above thirty (30)? There were no "hot button" issues, no debates, and barely even any ideas being brought about by candidates...except Cindy, Jeremy, and Summer. Most residents could care-less about their local government, as long as "tourists" (actual mayoral phrase) aren't involved. Therein lies the rub. Every local business, that you the visitor, interacts with is owned by a transplant with only two (2) exceptions. "Non-locals" not only deserve, but need a voice in our local government, since we have so much at stake. Unfortunately the generational locals wanted to send a message, that business as usual stays...for now. That's too bad since, three (3) of the candidates I voted for have energy, intelligence, good ideas, are open to compromise, and actually want to serve our town. I would think everyone can appreciate that.
Here's the downside to that attitude. The vote count was within forty (40) votes of having all three (3) HypnoEndorsed candidates making it on town council. That gap is small and represents a tenuous hold on our local best. I will and encourage as many others as possible to start attending meetings, the dates and times of meetings will be updated in these pages. Our interest and presence need not go away for two (2) years; quite the contrary, we need to be felt, if only as witness bearers.
I probably know everyone who voted for my wife, and thank you all. Our friends turned out and did their part! We just need a few more to put us over the top. Whilst thanking, I want to thank Cindy Robeson, Jeremy Golston, and of course, Summer Williams for throwing their hats into the ring and setting what will hopefully be a tone of participation and activeness that carries on and grows. Until the next town council meeting it's back to bawdy jokes!


Anonymous said...

Ditto on Tony's thoughts. I also want to thank Summer, Cindy and Jeremy for stepping up and planting the seeds of change, which will no doubt engender change in the future. Being that I do not live there full time, I was not able to vote, but I have chosen to be a part of Davis for the same reasons many of you have. I purchased real estate and I patronize the businesses so you can bet I will make an effort to attend any town meetings that affect this community. Change is a coming and its just a matter of time. And thanks to you Tony for keeping us part time locals abreast of what is happening there. You know we ain't finding out info on the Town of Davis website!

Anonymous said...

Davis has a website?

Wonder if there a bio page on the town council...

Anonymous said...

Are you for real? I have to be honest with you--because I know you expect nothing less (as do I), I feel your views within this post ( which you are entitled to since it is your blog) are way off. If things over there in Davis are so bad, then why did you decide to buy a house, move your family there and then decide to open up a business all within city limits? It's the attitude that you have about "locals" and "non-locals" that is the problem. Davis is a community, with citizens--none better than the next. If you want to make things happen, than do it--and quit writing about it. I look back at all of the wonderful projects completed in Thomas--most of which were completed without any or very little involvement from the mayor and council. The school needed a playground so the parents wrote grants and had bake sales and installed one. The river needed a fishing peer and pavillion, so businesses donated materials and volunteers swung hammers. The streets were littered, so folks got together and picked up trash. Locals and non-locals alike came together and made it happen. One doesn't have to be in office to make a change. Climb down off that Hypno-throne and put those finger tips to work brother!

Rob Stull

PS--I still love ya and will continue to pull your ass out of the mud and buy coffee from ya. And thanks for all the baby clothes

HypnoBlog said...


Let's not be idealistic about this, "locals" do not like you living in their town, and damn sure don't want you having a role in the running of the town. That is clear. I moved my family, bought a house, and opened a business here because of Davis' backyard and the great like-minded people like you and Shannon. There is a wonderful community of people living here (both transplants and locals) and we know who they are. Oh, and I would come down from my throne if it weren't so comfortable! I gotta go, one (1) of the jesters needs to be beheaded.