Friday, June 5, 2009

Tonight, Tonight

WVU file photo of Cory.

The polls will be open Saturday at Davis Town Hall. DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE...YOU! The polls close Tuesday (June 9th) at 7:30 and the count will be posted at 8:30 on the door of Town Hall. Celebrations, including drinking, lighting cars on fire, throwing garbage cans through business windows, and of course burning Tony in effigy, will follow. Find your matches, gasoline, and cast your ballot! Let's prepare for the next two (2) years in style. Party suggestions are to be brought to the HypnoVessel.

Summer's dad, Al, Charlie, and I headed Maryland-way for a quick visit to both a junkyard and a stone statue garden. Yes, it was so fun. Ask Charles about the giant stone dinosaurs.

What are you doing now? Yeah, right now. Cory is down at the HypnoVessel tonight, yeah tonight. Don't leave him alone please. That guy's got sticky fingers and a sick sense of righteousness. Alone for too long and I may think I'm opening a coffee shop, only to find a massage parlor with an empty till. I will be told money has been replaced by a clever barter system and that chickens are worth at least two (2) volleyballs, so calm down. Unless Allegheny Power now accepts trades I may be screwed.

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Anonymous said...

What is up with the TV spot...and my moment of mug glory.

-Ben N