Friday, September 11, 2009

God Bless Patriot Dayz

Thanks for the recent coffee blend nomenclature suggestions, but...we aboard the HypnoVessel plan to honor Patriot Day with a couple of America-honoring blends. First up is a play on our normal espresso, The Minute Man Espresso, similar to the Italian Habit, just a little harsher around the edges, a more diverse flavor, and not ironically, it possess more Mexican in the mix than the normal espresso. Second commerative blend is the Obama-Rama Rosh Hashanah Ramadan A-Ding-Dong, or America's wake-up call; Kenya AA (of course), and 1/6th Sumatra (Indonesian for good measure, and I do not buy Hawaiian Kona coffee). These one (1) offs should be enjoyed quickly and while snickering for maximum enjoyment.

Oh sure, you can still pick up a pound of 24 Hour Blend, our especial concoction in honor of Jack Bauer; our suspension of the constitution in order to roast what needs to be roasted. That's right, we are bursting at the seams with patriotism, and we don't need any Hallmark, Chinese-made troop support ribbons, or phony-bologna Osama Bin Laden hunting permits to prove it...we live it everyday!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like what you need is a long leggid Mac daddy pimp lovin' size 44 double D barrel chested patriot to get outta this truck and kick your bike ridin' hairy armpit patchouli cologne brew pub growler drinkin' Thomas refugee White Grass smokin' hippy ass...

REAL Doube D said...

anon 11:57:

I think you mean "54 Doube D!" See for yourself at:

Along with that trash almost as trashy as your comment, the raunchiest double D' can be seen here, B/W min you:

Sounds like you are a true local who doesn't support any business with actual flare and creativity. Keep gettin' yer caffeine at Citgo, pal.