Saturday, October 10, 2009

Automobiles rust while the Vessel never sits still

Aye mateys, surely there is little coincidence in the current Hypno-replication that is transpiring as the Soundry, in Vienna, VA, was also once a haven for free-wheeling clunkers (sorry, no cash, but maybe a peace prize?). So while the iron horse/carts decay, the venerable Vessel breathes new life into a culture lost in its own pile of overvalued junk.

It must be the sweet aroma of ancient dino-diesel saturating los edeficios that makes Capt. Tony "The Scourge" W. actually feel a little soft spot in the vast desert that is the blackness of his withering heart.

Hear me, you Scallywagging Scum, perhaps there is hope for the Hypno Vessel (a.k.a. the HyVe...think "Buzzzzz") to continue its crusade against the pre-ground brown filth somehow known as "coffee" (I shudder upon even approaching the thought!) and the ignoramousness that presides over the masses of "$1.89 + TAX for crappy brown liquid" folks who have not seen or cannot acquire (
online store!) the goodness that is a $1.oo cup of fresh-roasted/ground/brewed black gold upon the HyVe. Sorrow and tears befall all who do not know that such solace exists...and amongst Pirates! Join Us! Resistance is senile, infantile, denial, a revile! While there are many ways to join (come see us, comment in various ways, talk trash or not, purchase booty and use liberally) the rcenent news aboard the HyVe is that new black Pirate Uniforms have arrived from the rich coast of....The Soundry? No, not Espana, not Italia, not Forgetia, but Vienna, VA you bilge rats!


Anonymous said...

so wait the hyve grocery store bought out hypno coffee. huh... i always thought they would sell out.

Cory said...

Not totally sold out...unless they move to marred seas of PATH refusal in MD.

'Tis the village that raises the child...