Sunday, October 11, 2009

Getting My Land Legs

AHHH, ya'll wanna know how da race went? My personal run was my single worst twenty-six point two (26.2) miles I have ever tread on this earth, but that's not to say I had a bad time. Quite the contrary, the Shepardstown-folk were very hospitable and we enjoyed our brief visit. Oh sure, I could whine about asphalt, heat, and the tunnel that is the C&O canal, but that would leave you thinking the trip was a bust, and it was not. Yep, Cade beat the ol' sea captain (fifteen minutes better in fact), and yeah he is tasting the sting of my cat o' nine tails for the smiting. Let that be a lesson!
Next month the HypnoFam is planning to trip the twisty roads east and visit the town of Harpers Ferry since we were unable to tary last week. No, we do not have photos of the trip, but rest assured you're missing nothing in the lack of images of Cade and myself looking like participants on the trail of tears. Luckily Stevie was at the race and provided me with a much needed cane that he apparently snicked from an old Indian. The cane served less as prop and more as third leg, which given the status of my knees was very necessary.

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Matt said...

Aye matey...sounds like you need to get back in the saddle and learn how to ride that mountain bike, slide on those XC skis and give your scurvy knees a break.

Miss you guys but I,m drinking of you every morning! See you soon.