Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did The Macchiato Look Like That?

Thanks for the post Mr. Chase. It is encouraging to hear the "touched" photos of my facial wonderland are bringing Cory such joy. Of course, I'll keep 'em coming. The mountain top is shy another local character; Kate "no base tan" Lane is jetting across the country (America) and one (1) ocean (Pacific) en route to Kona Hawaii. Kate volunteered to pick up our order of Kona Coffee. Thanks Kate. Remember, the bag weighs sixty (60) kg, so check with the airline on checking the sack, or carry-on. I prefer you carry it on. Snow is again falling so let's lift those expectations for the next couple weekends!


KATE said...

Well, the rain was coming down on my first afternoon here in Kona, so I'm still the whitest girl over here. Now I know how poor Shelia feels in Tucker county. My body is still convulsing from the lack of Macchiatos. On the hunt for a good cup of coffee, They'll never believe me when I compare it to The highest roaster in WV. Love to all my friends!!!!

Cory said...

"Oh, where in Virginia is that high roaster?"